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good at design

Is been long time!

Create life, career, and a network was amazing experiences but I think is not enough. I have lost my previous blog and create another one. Is like life so many time you make a mistake you must learn and reveal to be a better person. In this case, you learn to be a good designer who helps people more and believes good things will happen 32 year’s old designer with 6 year’s experience and have two kids is hard to survive. I need to redefine my life every day so no mistake will come again and learn someone will avoid me to the same.

I passed 5 months I struggle to build an idea to create my own product. I read Pieter level how to build 12 startups in 12 months and success with two type bootstrap one of theme company call nomadlist. The way he thrave was eager to build a profitable company is really interesting. Set of management time and energy also the emotion that keeps always make him think moving forwards. And still, end up with stupid emotion and not pretty much understand the process.

And from that story, I learn to have positive thinking and start with a small step and encourage people and help people to understand the world better. I love to explore and to learn new things.

In several experiences I have learned one thinks never give up a change to failure even the sense of failure embezzle my path to success. I need to learn from my failure and try again to build sustain blog and probably a podcast about design, business, development.

My head is full of Idea and really want’s to share in every blog and podcast that I share. I learn 3D in 4 year’s ago and make me want to try to build a tangible product even my 3D skill I use to build motion graphics video.

Can’t wait to meet you all in the next story and share some of my idea in UX and UI and share tips and trick to manage and to create a design with collaboration with multiple people in a different country and also practice my English writing and speaking. 😉


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