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Attention to detail

For a good designer you need to be good in using tools and be creative. But their is an another important skill that designers need is the attention to detail skill. Attention to detail would involve not just the output but the design process and even in dealing with clients. One should know how to look into every single thing the client says because this can give you the clue on how to get the client’s approval and what to avoid when transacting with him. So, having good attention to details has a wider scope than merely looking into the mistakes you might have done for your design.

Today i am discussing about how designer develop attention to detail skill.

  • There is always a better idea than what you have thought of at first. So, instead of sticking to one idea, try to think of what other design strategies and techniques you can use. You will also be able to choose on what design elements you can add to a certain project. This can develop your attention to detail since you will be comparing every draft that you will make. Sketch each idea on a separate paper then ponder on which one is better. Look into every detail of each one. Try to think of the good side and downside of each design.
  • Once you have chosen an idea, work on it. While working, see to it that you did not skip any important detail for the work. Once you are done, always review it. Rechecking your work will make you see some mistakes that you have overlooked. Most of the time these mistakes include little details like a small white space to an area that doesn’t need it, a misspelled word, wrong alignment, shading and others. So, before you give your output to the client, review it.
  • I have mentioned about reviewing your designs but you do not do it once. Do it many times. Doing this will give you a good output. A project will only be considered complete when no mistakes are seen in it and if it is already readily available for your client’s usage.
  • You can also ask other people to look at it because more eyes are better than two if we talk about rechecking details. This will also help you improve since you will get input of something that you haven’t thought of and hadn’t previously considered.
  • You should have a good understanding of design that you are doing. whether you are doing web design, print design or logo design. You should have a good understanding of it. if you have a good understanding then you can create the design with every detail.
  • When you rush projects, you will no longer be able to look into the details of it because you will think of it as a waste of time. That is why you should always work on it early so you have enough time to review it.
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