Hello, My Name is Andreas, If you looking for a passionate designer to build a better product with ideally process design thinking you in the right person, I have experience in the digital product over 3 years and total experience in the design field more than 5 years. I have a passion for my work, but sometimes people don’t understand me because what I do for living mostly they label me as a web developer, graphic designer, or just artisan but I prefer to label as a Maker. I passionate to build unknown think and learn many thinks to build great experiences for any product who struggle against the market especially Indonesia. My biggest achievement would provide my family into a better life. Life is to short to waste. Let’s create a better product tangible & intangible together

Every great achiever is inspired by A great mentor

—Lailah Gifty Akita

Borrys Hasian

Tobias Vanschneider


Pieter Level

A mentor is driving me and inspired me to be what I want now. In a career and in life, I learn with all this guy. Following them and join their meetups.


My proficiency would be designing a complex product, with a minimalist mindset to develop and deliver a good design with any method that I learn, I believe a right UX framework will help a company to thrive in challenging market Please take looks some of my technique and hard skill that I have.

Visual Design

UX Design

Management Design

Motion Design