Since I work as designer I wonder how I can achieve bigger level of skill in design, so many new think come and make me want to learn fast and harder, but all suddenly stop with new mindset, I want to become PRODUCT DIGITAL DESIGNER, not just design but involved in logic which means learn Programing. Hunger to learn more and more I start to narrow my career path instead of doing Design I learn to become Front End Developer and try to build web application from scratch.

Now I’m in big project to build MVP (minimum viable product) with website application, such Node.js, Ruby, & PHP. This start with small step curiosity & passion for learning, I try to build my time capsule learning at Github to see how I accomplish the task:

Learn Programming

This library will be the first stage in programming to learn OOP ( Object Oriented Programming ), learning is a part of life process I need to pivot my mindset to suit with market needs and try to solve at least one problem with technology since my passion was to change the world and