When we consume information only take 30% that relevant with our perception, and all 70% lose. But one remain experiance that standing between two object and more, that not so special but alone in the dark space, outstand color and meaning in¬†haystack. Sure this information is seeking to exploit to be base of anything and meaning of everything. designer seek center, balance, harmony, and aesthetic shape for visual color to emphasis aye and to create ¬†beauty under destruction. Let’s see technic focal point in design,


Focal Point Design Roughs No Value by Poisoned-Paint



Example 1 where did your eyes go first? I would most likely guess, it went to the bigger circle in the image. That is the focal point Easy right? Example 2. Now we are in color, all the circles are the same size. But as we see, the middle circle, is yellow. You could make any one circle in Example 2 yellow. The upper left circle, the bottom circle, any of them. That would be the main focal point.
Example 3, and 4, we can see that there are circles missing from each image. Always make sure your images are proportionate. It can sometimes ruin an image, resulting in the empty space being the focal point.

Every shape has meaning take your time to understand this information and describe it.